Molino Balmaceda

Quality and Safety

Offering the highest quality to our clients is our commitment, that is why the processes of Molino Balmaceda S. A. obey to a strict control system to ensure its outputs.

Production Process

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It starts with a careful and accurate classification of wheat, according to variety and quality, for storage in silos.

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After, a thorough cleaning is done to remove impurities and prepare the grain for grinding. Moisture is added to the core of the grain by means of the moistening method.

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After grinding, the grains are systematically sieved to separate the flour from its several different sub products.

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Finally, finished products are packed under the standards of quality and safety and our customers´ requirements.

Quality Control activities are executed as follows:
- Control of Raw Material and Inputs.
- Control of Products in Process.
- Control of Finished Products.


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Molino Balmaceda S. A. is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 International Standards. Our working team is highly qualified and strongly committed with the Quality Management System to ensure and warrant high quality products, effectiveness and safety in all segment of the process.

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Since 2011, our company is certified under the NCh 2861 Of. 2004 HACCP Norm, which is based in the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS

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ISO 9001:2015

Certification that guarantees the continuous improvement of quality management systems and processes.

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Certification in Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points.



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